About Us

A Great Mind behind Us!

Tensai Computers Private Limited was founded on 29th January 2016 by Deepesh Dikshit, a Gym addict and full time bodybuilder, Entrepreneur, Tech genius.

He is self taught Hardware designer, Product design engineer, Programmer, Electronic & Automobile Enthusiast and a Full-Time Researcher based in India. He has been tinkering with electronics since age 7 and currently holds remarkable achievements in his lifetime.

All of the products at Tensai and their Sub brands like X-SHIELD, X-SECURE, PRIVATE MEETINGS PLATFORM, NX SERIES Products and THECARD are solely designed and built by him from scratch. Few data security products which uses our proprietary 256Bit Military Grade Data Encryption are Patent Pending. 

Currently, he’s working at Tensai Computers as a Researcher and Innovative Product Designer & Developer, he strives for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.  


What do we do at Tensai?

We manufacture, build products and technology to make your life easy & comfortable! We aim to bring technology at your finger tips! We provide seamless integration in our all products, which work (Hand-In-Hand) with each other, and provides immense expandability.

All of our products use high quality material and are manufactured under strict quality control. Our Software and Hardware are made and designed for each other are tested beyond extreme limits to ensure great customer experience when using any of our products. 

We pride ourselves on using a modern agile workflow and industry’s best practices to craft modern solutions to our clients.